Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Have you seen her

For those of you who have not yet seen our new boat, we’ve included some pictures below.

One Saturday around Christmas, Keith made a trip to the boat without me and snapped some pictures. Now, anyone who knows Keith knows that he can take a picture with an automatic camera, of a cat sound asleep and still manage to blur it! But he didn’t do too bad. But the pics were winter shots so we had heaters around, things in the sink that normally would be in put away, towels keeping the refrigerator propped open, and throw rugs scattered around. My nephew, Aaron, saw the picture of the messy galley and made a comment that it reminded him a little of some foreclosed property he had looked at! THAT HURT! He was just kidding.

Anyway, we did a little straightening up and took some new pictures of the inside – the outside is a little dirty right now and I think we’ll wait for a little warmer weather to get those shots.

Here’s some shots of the Cotton Jenny III for those who have not seen her.

Starting at the front: the lower head:

This is the cuddy – aka Joe and Ellen’s room. We always loved the cuddy on the old boat, this one is even nicer – a little bigger and a lot brighter! Joe and Ellen will love it – I just need to show them how to make up the beds…..

This is the front salon – very comfortable. The Maker’s was my idea - sweet.

See that lamp on the front console? Well, one afternoon I was saying I couldn’t decide whether or not to put a lamp there – didn’t want it to be too cluttered. Lee suggested that we try one from her boat there for awhile before going out and buying one. Well, it was unanimous – not only did we need a lamp there, but we needed Lee’s lamp there. After everyone kept saying how perfectly that lamp matched the shades, etc., Lee graciously offered it up to us as a boat warming gift. We’re really going to miss Lee when we move to Lighthouse.

This is our nice big galley….

and dining area complete with our Tall Stacks/American Queen picture!

Here’s our stateroom – Keith has his closet and I have mine – excellent!

And our head – it has a tub!!!! Hank says Lee is going to want to come down and take a bubble bath – I think we will let her because it’s the least we can do after she gave us that great lamp!

So that’s the nickel/blog tour of the inside of our new boat. I don’t think the pictures really do her justice, though, so you probably just need to come visit and see for yourself!

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