Monday, May 19, 2008

Moving day…….

Saturday, May 3rd, was Hank’s birthday – 69 years old! We were going to get him a $69.00 bottle of scotch, but Ron told us to just get him a bottle of “Two Buck Chuck” and keep the remaining $67.00 for ourselves. So that’s what we did! We gave Hank a bottle of Two Buck Chuck and a picture of a $69.00 bottle of scotch with an appropriate explanation. Too bad nobody captured that on film!

Saturday was windier than all get out but Sunday couldn’t have been a more perfect day for boating. We pulled out of Smugglers about 11:00 and waved goodbye to our friends that were there to see us off – notice Hank is not there….

Chris, Dan and Haley came back from Pier 99 (they had moved Friday) to see us off.

Ellen, Jim and Wes wave good-bye...............

Nancy Allen waved from the parking lot..........

Aqua Therapy pulled out ahead of us...........

as we left Dan's/Smuggler's - our home for the last 16 years!

These are the only pictures I took. Instead of taking pictures, we just enjoyed the heck out of the ride to Lighthouse on our new boat. It ran soooooooooooo good and we couldn’t believe how smoothly it went from 9 mph to 16 mph – awesome! I’m thinking the price of gas will keep us travelling at about 9 mph for awhile. When we arrived at Lighthouse some folks asked for a tour of our new Gibson. They loved it! One woman commented that she and her husband had looked at some Gibsons before buying their Jefferson and “never saw any Gibson’s with a galley like that”! They were really impressed. That made me smile because when Keith and I were looking at boats before we bought our Gibson, we looked at a Jefferson we said that if we couldn’t get a Gibson, we would settle for a Jefferson. No offense intended to all the Jefferson owners, we were just kidding, but we really do love our Gibsons!

Mary Jane And Keith