Monday, March 17, 2008

Don’t worry, Scott!

This is going to be a brief blog entry, but wanted to make sure to get something posted so that Scott wouldn’t worry about us. At the Louisville Houseboat Show this past weekend, Scott Bachman (Wahoo Marine) told me he had been seeing our frequent blog entries and then noticed how they rather abruptly stopped when we had that really heavy snow/blizzard last weekend. They (Wahoo) actually called us to see if we (Keith, Cotton Jenny III and I) were ok. Very thoughtful of them – so thought I’d better keep the postings going!

Speaking of the Houseboat Show……

Could this be the Lefty Loosey II?

Chris sure looks happy… and Dan sure looks poor… sorry, Dan, there’ll be no more beer money for you!

Chris told us that the Lefty Loosey was a boatshow boat – so was our Cotton Jenny II.

Actually Scott told us that this brand new 59’ Gibson was custom built for a couple planning to take the next two years living on the boat and travelling the loop – yes, Ron, more crazy loopers! The boat is awesome – far too many details to mention here – a few: stainless steel rails, the hard top over the back deck, a super roomy engine room, Yanmar diesels, and many many more that I just can’t remember. Oh, Dan Hamblin did point out that it had the same storage compartments that we have on our boat (the washer and dryer). That Dan is HILARIOUS! Anyway, we had a nice time at the boat show. The Gibson folks and Wahoo folks were soooooooo nice and Scott’s dad took quite a bit of time to go over things about our boat and answer a lot of Keith’s questions.

It’s baaaaaack!

Well, for months the ladies on our dock have been squabbling and arguing about who would get to keep Ron’s picture – even though Ron had said he really didn’t like us fighting over him.

As you can see…. I LOST!!!! Sunday morning, I think Lee told Henry to have the car running and ready to go, then she snuck down to our boat and deposited the picture on our front deck, then sprinted off the dock and made her quick escape back to Indy.

Oh well, when Ron gave me the picture he told me that whenever I was feeling bad from the chemotherapy that I should just look at that picture and say, “at least I’m not feeling or looking that bad!” – and that’s what I did. Then when I was done with my chemo, we put the picture in the front window of the Cotton Jenny II, where it served us well as a cheap security system – not once was our boat bothered by any ne’re do wells. So I guess the picture has found a permanent home on Cotton Jenny III next to the bottle of Makers – somehow seems appropriate.

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