Friday, February 29, 2008

Winter weekends on the boat:

On February 1st we received a call from Larry Kerkhoff at Smugglers to tell us not to be alarmed when we came down to our boat for the weekend - there had been some ice and wind damage to the docks. In spite of the warning, we were actually very surprised when we saw the damage. Spud poles on our dock were leaned over …..

and many of the fingers on that side of the dock were buckled…….

A lot of the boaters on our dock came down that weekend to check things out and there was a lot of talk about whether or not our boats should be moved, etc. But the lake was frozen and the insurance company was coming that Monday and Larry was going to start making some immediate repairs, so everyone decided to let their boats stay put for the time.

Keith and I and Hank and Lee again spent that weekend on our boats. We had dinner together on our boat and enjoyed the evening – but the whole damaged dock thing, had us a little stressed out as you can see.

Ok, I guess we weren’t really that stressed! Hank was able to take a phone call from Ron and Teana and Lee and I were able to balance drinks on our heads! I couldn’t decide whether to put my glass or the Maker’s bottle on my head – I was afraid people would get me confused with Lori on Ron and Teana’s blog – but I did the bottle anyway. I think Lee just missed her mouth and that’s why her glass ended up on her head – just kidding!

The really cold temperatures, ice and snow that we’ve had the last couple of weeks have kept us from spending a couple of weekends on the boat – but we’ll be back as soon as there is a break.

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